Monitoring and Evaluation

This Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan: is part of the action plan set out in the MILLENNIUM CHALLENGE COMPACT (Compact) signed on October 2, 2015 between the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a United States Government corporation (MCC), and the Republic of Liberia acting through its government;
• will support provisions described in the Compact; and
• is governed by and follows principles stipulated in the Policy for Monitoring and Evaluation of Compacts and Threshold Programs (MCC M&E Policy). 

This M&E Plan is considered a binding document, and failure to comply with its stipulations could result in suspension of disbursements. It may be modified or amended as necessary following the MCC M&E Policy, and if it is consistent with the requirements of the Compact and any other relevant supplemental legal documents.
This Monitoring and Evaluation Plan serves as a guide for program implementation and management, so that the Millennium Challenge Account Liberia (MCA-L) management staff and Board of Directors, the Board of Directors of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), Implementing Entities, implementers, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders understand the progress being made toward the achievement of objectives and results, and are aware of variances between targets and actual achievement during implementation.  

This Monitoring and Evaluation Plan is a management tool that provides the following functions: 
• Describes the program logic and expected results. Gives details about what impacts the Compact and each of its components are expected to produce in economic, social inclusion, and gender-related outcomes and how these effects will be achieved.   
• Sets out data and reporting requirements and quality control procedures. Defines indicators, identifies data sources, and frequency of reporting in order to define how performance and results will be measured. Outlines the flow of data and information from the project sites through to the various stakeholders both for public consumption and to inform decision-making. It also describes the mechanisms that assure the quality, reliability and accuracy of program performance information and data. 
• Establishes a monitoring framework.  Establishes a process to alert implementers, MCA-L management, LEC management, stakeholders and MCC to whether or not the program is achieving its major milestones during program implementation and provides the basis for making program adjustments. 
• Describes the evaluation plan. Explains in detail how MCA-L and MCC will evaluate the Compact interventions to determine whether they are achieving their intended results and expected impacts over time.  
• Includes roles and responsibilities.  Describes in detail what the M&E staff are responsible for and outlines any M&E requirements that MCA-L and LEC must meet in order to receive disbursements. Download Monitoring and Evaluation Plan of the Liberia Compact between  the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Republic of Liberia
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