Energy Sector

Mt Coffee Hydro
The Mt. Coffee Hydro Power plant rehabilitation is significantly financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation compact. MCC provided up to forty percent of the US$ 350M, the total cost of the rehabilitation. Mt. Coffee rehabilitation represents the largest compact support to restore Liberia`s energy sector and provide access to reliable and affordable electricity.Read More

Training Center
Under the energy project, the compact funds the construction of a state of the art Training Center for the Liberia Electricity Corporation. The idea is that with the hydro generating electricity, LEC will need trained work force to manage the public utility. The LEC Training Center will produce trained electricians, customer service staff, financial managers and administrators to manage the electricity sector.Read More

Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission
The LERC is part of the MCC Compact support to reform the Electricity sector. It was created by the New Electricity Law of Liberia passed by the National Legislature in 2015. Specifically, the Compact supports the standing up of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission, LERC..Read More

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