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Updated Bid Challenged System

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The Compact requires MCA-Liberia to ensure that it procures all goods, works and services to implement the compact program in accordance with the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (“PPG”). The PPG further requires that MCA-Liberia establish and publish a bid challenge system that provides Bidders on MCA-Liberia procurements with the ability to challenge and seek review of MCA-Liberia procurement actions and decisions. 

To comply with these requirements, MCA-Liberia has established its Bid Challenge System (“BCS”), to govern the review of all challenged MCA-Liberia procurement actions and decisions. MCA-Liberia’s BCS will be incorporated in all solicitation documents distributed to Potential Bidders.

                                                                                         Principles of the Bid Challenge System 

The purpose of this BCS is to provide Bidders who believe that they have been harmed by a MCA-Liberia Procurement Action or decision, the ability to seek a prompt, impartial and cost-effective review of the action or decision in order to promote and maintain the integrity and transparency of MCA-Liberia’s procurement process. This BCS is not intended to examine or review the implementation or conduct of any contract once awarded, nor to investigate allegations of fraud, corruption or intent of wrong doing in the procurement process. To that end, this BCS is based on the following principles:

  1. a) MCA-Liberia must provide clear explanations of why Bidders are disqualified or not selected.
  2. b) A procedurally simple and expeditious process is essential to address concerns about the application of procurement rules and procedures to specific procurement actions.
  3. c) While a bid challenge remains outstanding, the related procurement proceedings should be suspended to prevent, in normal circumstances, the signing of a contract.
  4. d) A challenge should be initially reviewed and a decision issued by the awarding authority (in this case, MCA-Liberia) with the opportunity for an Appeal to a knowledgeable and impartial third-party.

Download the full Bid Challenge System document by clicking this link below:

MCC approved, Bid Challenge System

                                                                                                        BCS SECRETARIAT

In accordance with the BCS, the filing of any protest related document or the submission of any protest related communication shall be done through the BCS Secretariat, which is headed by the MCA-Liberia General Counsel. Therefore, these items should be sent to Counsellor James A. A. Pierre II at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                                                                     APPEAL FEE

The appeal fee is the amount deposited with MCA-Liberia at the time an appeal is filed and as a condition to the Filing of the Appeal. The following chart lists the various appeal fee amounts a challenger or interested party (as applicable) is obligated to pay. Please note that the amounts listed below do not include any bank transfer fees/charges. For further information about the appeal fee, refer to the BCS.

                                                             BUDGET AMOUNT                  APPEAL FEE AMOUNT

                                                                $0 -$25,000                                  $2,500

                                                                $25,001-$100,000                       $5,000

                                                                $100,001-$1,000,000                  $10,000

                                                                $1,000,001+                                  $15,000




    Role of the Independent Review Panel

The Independent Review Panel (“IRP”) is the Level 2 Authority and it has the authority to review a duly filed appeal from the written decision of MCA-Liberia’s Level 1 Review Authority. The IRP’s decision will be based solely on the applicable provisions of the PPG, the documents filed during the Level 1 review and the written decision of the Level 1 Authority. 

                                                                                        Selection of the IRP Panelists

MCA-Liberia has procured six competent and qualified persons to serve as independent reviewers of appeals (“Master List”). For each appeal, three individuals from the Master List will be randomly selected by assigning a number to each name on the Master List, placing and shuffling the numbers in a container, and then randomly drawing three numbers. MCA-Liberia will additionally select two alternates in the same random fashion. 

                                                                                        Master List of the Independent Review Panel 

Click on any name to view their CV  

 Esther W. Paegar

 Hilda Kimigisha Mwesigwa

 Fredrick Kranz

 Louis Aurigemma

Ion Josan

 Paul Kalumba

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