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pdf MCA - Fiscal Accountability Plan ( pdf, 2.63 MB ) (6443 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA Liberia Anti Fraud and Corruption Action Plan ( pdf, 490 KB ) (1335 downloads) Popular
pdf MCC Gender Policy: The MCC Gender Integration Guidelines basically guides our work in relation to integrating gender in all our compact activities, from development to implementation.Gender equity is one of MCC`s commitments in supporting poverty allev... ( pdf, 332 KB ) (865 downloads) Popular
pdf MCC Environmental and Social Assessment Policy : The reason for our environmental policy is to put in place a process for assessment of environmental and social impacts that guarantee that compact projects are undertaken in line with well-established ( pdf, 339 KB ) (793 downloads) Popular
pdf MCC/MCA-L Branding Guidelines : This policy guides the MCA Liberia branding practices and represents a key part of our communication strategy. Implementing Entities and or contractors are urged to carefully read the branding policy and observe it. ( pdf, 38 KB ) (813 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA -Liberia_Fiscal Accountability Plan ( pdf, 1.33 MB ) (3870 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA -Liberia Confidential Information Policy ( pdf, 60 KB ) (925 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA -Liberia Conflicts of Interest Policy Package ( pdf, 246 KB ) (1434 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA -Liberia Social and Gender Integration Plan ( pdf, 1.40 MB ) (1861 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA-Liberia Environmental and Social Management System Framework Document ( pdf, 1006 KB ) (4261 downloads) Popular
pdf MCA-Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Plan : This Monitoring and Evaluation Plan guides program implementation and management. It enhances understanding of implementation progress and variance. It is binding, governed by and follows principles stipulated ( pdf, 1.48 MB ) (879 downloads) Popular